Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Walk in the Clouds.....

My friend Brandon and I jumped in the Red Runner for a romp around the local rocky rim. There were clouds over the mountaintops, and provided an interesting experience:

Halfway up the mountainside, we spy our final destination shrouded in white

Near the top, the trail weaves off into the clouds.
Frost has collected on the wind-blown grass

A closer examination of frost collection caused by the fast-moving clouds billowing along the mountaintop

A lonely sentinel

There were a few trees here and there, standing as stunted but resolute figures against the wind. To me, it almost looks like a person with their scarf about to blow off. The left side faces the wind, slanted from the years of blowing, with the right side, facing away from the wind, undergrown and seemingly dying.

Overall, the experience was relaxing: good views, good conversation. Thank goodness for the riches the Lord blesses me with.