Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I noticed this as part of a community quilt on the wall where Mom lives. She hadn't talked about it. Her telling others how important we are to her, and me discovering it her pointing it out made the appreciation of us more special to me.

Getting ready for Christmas Dinner.

Family picture!

Parker getting ready to enjoy dinner with Mom.
December, 2007

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Rebekah and I at her in-laws in Los Angeles.
Thanksgiving, 2007
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Rachael, Rebekah, and Aunt Sharon share a hug.
Johnson Family Reunion, August 2007

Larry and Rebekah spied on camera!
Johnson Family Reunion, August 2007

Smile spied from the back seat!
August, 2007

Larry, Rebekah, Parker and Mom enjoying the Rexburg water park together.
August 2007

Mom and Parker enjoying the water park at Porter Park in Rexburg together.
August 2007

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Mountains; one of the three main themes in Olympic National Park
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A beam of sunlight broke through the overhanging canopy to light this small overgrown clearing.

A closeup of the waterfall.

My brother, Jacob, holding his son on his back, as we start the short hike to the waterfall.

Lovely "heavenly" backlight.

Hanging moss grew far up the trees.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Walk in the Clouds.....

My friend Brandon and I jumped in the Red Runner for a romp around the local rocky rim. There were clouds over the mountaintops, and provided an interesting experience:

Halfway up the mountainside, we spy our final destination shrouded in white

Near the top, the trail weaves off into the clouds.
Frost has collected on the wind-blown grass

A closer examination of frost collection caused by the fast-moving clouds billowing along the mountaintop

A lonely sentinel

There were a few trees here and there, standing as stunted but resolute figures against the wind. To me, it almost looks like a person with their scarf about to blow off. The left side faces the wind, slanted from the years of blowing, with the right side, facing away from the wind, undergrown and seemingly dying.

Overall, the experience was relaxing: good views, good conversation. Thank goodness for the riches the Lord blesses me with.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cooks create!
Makin' meatballs

For my stepsisters wedding in July, I was recruited to help make some of the meatballs. Watch the magic in action!

More than anything, this post is to help remind me of the three ingredients for the recipe. Sorry, can't tell ya, it's a family secret.

According to my family, I learned how to make the spcial chocolate cheesecake better than the woman we got the recipe from, who is an old family friend.


Riding High...

Sittin on the edge of the world

My parents used to spank me for playing in the mud...

...but they never took me to places like this

That little rough-riding 4Runner has taken me to some fun and beautiful places.

God's Green Earth...

This summer has, in the last few weeks alone, afforded me more outdoor opportunities than the previous two or three summers combined. Whats' the cause? A desire to get out of the apartment! I have ants in my pants! The sights are beautiful.

The beaten, but still lovely, path

This trail is located about 20 minutes outside of Pocatello, on Forest Service grounds.

Sunrise at camp

The elder's quorum in our ward went camping near Lava Hot Springs, where I caught the sun peeking over the skyline the next morning.

"Give said the little stream..."

This little stream is located beside the trail in the above picture.

Light from on High peeking down

A friend and I went hiking on the edge of pocatello. Within a few minutes we wandered off the trail, and found a secluded little camping spot by the stream. It was just big enough for a few small tents, had a rock-lined firepit, overlaid with a high canopy of conifers, and had no trails leading to the spot. What a little treasure! Nearby the sun was streaming through the branches, where I took this picture. Hello Katy!

Parker Perfect!

Who put this stupid hat on me?

Don't to it! I'll go for the thumb!

The concrete is just so rough on my knees

My little nephew Parker was here in Idaho for a few weeks, and spent some time around his uncle Dan! The first two pics are just gratuitous. The lowest one deserves some explaining. Most of the time when outside on the concrete or grass, and sometimes when inside, he refuses to crawl on his knees, instead going around on his toes. This makes him a little wobbly, and he nearly hits his chin on the ground when he comes to a stop. Still an adorable kid, though!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Summertime, and the living is easy....

Clouds over a mountain next to Henry's Lake

My friend, Tyson, invited me to go fishing with his father and uncle. I am not an avid fisherman, and joined them for the companionship. The sight of the local mountain wreathed in morning mist was breathtaking. The fish left us alone: we caught only one after eleven hours in the boat. I took home a sunburn, the single fish (that I didn't catch), and a stronger opinion that fishing isn't about catching fish, it's about getting away.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day...

One summer years ago I worked in a salmon fishery in Alaska, cleaning and packaging fish. I've probably gutted more fish than most any sport fisherman will ever see. However, this one was more difficult - broken bones are difficult to remove.

Perhaps most useful was that I learned how to tie a decent fisherman's knot, and some about the proper use of spinners, weights, hooks, bait, and casting technique.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer roosting...

No, dad, I want the Evian, not the Dasani water for my photo shoot. Pshaw!

Happy Grandma

My brother and his wife came over to visit for a few weeks. They are gifted with (I think) a beautiful, happy, and well behaved son. Many smiles, easy to laugh. Unfortunately, his stomach doesn't like to have anything inside it. But it's owner doesn't mind.

Allergic to 1st birthday cake? (bad shot timing)

He had time to celebrate his 1st birthday with at his grandparents' house. His chocolate cake seemed to go best on his head, where he liked to put some of it. This was under dad's encouragement, much to mother's open dismay. Oh, the comedy!

The top was down...

Thou shalt not covet..

I spied this beauty hiding behind a local bible shop. It seemed out of place: I'm sure the car knew it got more attention from it's owner than the books inside ever do. Besides, people don't spend tens of thousands to spend a few hours a year with a bible. We worship what we spend our spare time doing....

I parked my big ugly red 4Runner next to it and took the picture. A man in the shop across the parking lot started watching me intently as I snapped pictures, ignoring his ice cream and his guests. I figure I did him a favor making him sweat a little; those ice cream calories weren't going to make him look any better.

UFO's (Unidentified Foraging Object)

Right in the middle, I promise

As I was offroading the other day, I saw a moose a few yards from the road. It was a youngish male, new antlers sprouting from his head. The sight was magnificent. I just wish my camera was just as magnificent.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Island in the Sky...

The high foothills on either side of Pocatello are controlled by the Forest Service. One part is bordered by Pocatello on one side, Indian land, and private property further toward Utah. This little piece is like an Island in the Sky to me. I can climb on top, and look down on the world below:

Down the valley, seeing Pocatello

Facing the mountainside

Down toward Inkom

Dumped On....

Late in April, as I rushed out the door to school, I was met with a quiet white wonderland. The week previous had seen sunny skys in the upper 50's. I guess Idaho had to remind us who is really in charge. There is a saying we like to repeat to each other: "If you don't like the weather.... just wait 10 minutes... (it'll change)"