Friday, July 07, 2006

Summertime, and the living is easy....

Clouds over a mountain next to Henry's Lake

My friend, Tyson, invited me to go fishing with his father and uncle. I am not an avid fisherman, and joined them for the companionship. The sight of the local mountain wreathed in morning mist was breathtaking. The fish left us alone: we caught only one after eleven hours in the boat. I took home a sunburn, the single fish (that I didn't catch), and a stronger opinion that fishing isn't about catching fish, it's about getting away.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day...

One summer years ago I worked in a salmon fishery in Alaska, cleaning and packaging fish. I've probably gutted more fish than most any sport fisherman will ever see. However, this one was more difficult - broken bones are difficult to remove.

Perhaps most useful was that I learned how to tie a decent fisherman's knot, and some about the proper use of spinners, weights, hooks, bait, and casting technique.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer roosting...

No, dad, I want the Evian, not the Dasani water for my photo shoot. Pshaw!

Happy Grandma

My brother and his wife came over to visit for a few weeks. They are gifted with (I think) a beautiful, happy, and well behaved son. Many smiles, easy to laugh. Unfortunately, his stomach doesn't like to have anything inside it. But it's owner doesn't mind.

Allergic to 1st birthday cake? (bad shot timing)

He had time to celebrate his 1st birthday with at his grandparents' house. His chocolate cake seemed to go best on his head, where he liked to put some of it. This was under dad's encouragement, much to mother's open dismay. Oh, the comedy!

The top was down...

Thou shalt not covet..

I spied this beauty hiding behind a local bible shop. It seemed out of place: I'm sure the car knew it got more attention from it's owner than the books inside ever do. Besides, people don't spend tens of thousands to spend a few hours a year with a bible. We worship what we spend our spare time doing....

I parked my big ugly red 4Runner next to it and took the picture. A man in the shop across the parking lot started watching me intently as I snapped pictures, ignoring his ice cream and his guests. I figure I did him a favor making him sweat a little; those ice cream calories weren't going to make him look any better.

UFO's (Unidentified Foraging Object)

Right in the middle, I promise

As I was offroading the other day, I saw a moose a few yards from the road. It was a youngish male, new antlers sprouting from his head. The sight was magnificent. I just wish my camera was just as magnificent.