Monday, May 08, 2006

Island in the Sky...

The high foothills on either side of Pocatello are controlled by the Forest Service. One part is bordered by Pocatello on one side, Indian land, and private property further toward Utah. This little piece is like an Island in the Sky to me. I can climb on top, and look down on the world below:

Down the valley, seeing Pocatello

Facing the mountainside

Down toward Inkom

Dumped On....

Late in April, as I rushed out the door to school, I was met with a quiet white wonderland. The week previous had seen sunny skys in the upper 50's. I guess Idaho had to remind us who is really in charge. There is a saying we like to repeat to each other: "If you don't like the weather.... just wait 10 minutes... (it'll change)"

Half an Hour.....

Say what you want about Idaho's backwater culture, the lack of civic entertainment, etc. These are the views available half an hour away from my apartment:

The friendly, dusty trail.

Now that I consider moving away, I begin to realize what I might loose. True, I feel trapped by cold weather six months of the year, but views like this, so close to home, are very hard to come by.

Just a few paces away, and my mark on the land begins to shrink quickly.

Maybe I should find a way to live in this state after I graduate...